Zonta Yellow Rose Run for GRG

Photo Competition for out of Christchurch Participants:

We would love you to be part of this exciting day/fundraiser.

Please send your photos to zontayellowroserun@zonta.org.nz from around New Zealand and The World – and Pinnacle&Co (one of our sponsors) will give an extra $100 to your chosen charity and announce the winners online.

Photo Competition rules:

  1. Get permission from your family and friends for us to use the photo for future promotions
  2. Give permission for us to post your photos on social media and also the website.
  3. Take a photo in front of something that makes your town or city stand out (or tell us what town/city you are in when you send in the photos). 
  4. Photos to be sent in by Wednesday 21st April 2021 midnight NZ time.
  5. Winner announced on Facebook on our Zonta Yellow Rose Run page on Thursday 22nd April 2021. 6. Judges decision is final.